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I'm Molly. 20. Art Student at BCU.

Dani & George are the best. Also, Ellen Page. Amirite?


»diptychs« by tim youd, who retypes entire novels on single sheets of paper.

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baby:destroy capitalism
karl marx:nice
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this is my favorite post of all time

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Taken with my iPhone.

holy shit that’s insane



Taken with my iPhone.

holy shit that’s insane

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"There are 41 wars being fought around the world right now. Most of us are busy and we race through our weeks without paying a great deal of attention, but yesterday this week stopped, because one of those wars reached into the sky and grabbed 298 people who could have been any of us."
CBS’ Scott Pelley, commenting on our shared humanity, after the missile attack of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 (source)

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people: Kim Kardashian has no talent and haven’t made anything important


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UNRWA is the UN agency that helps Palestinian refugees all over the Middle EAst. It’s short of resources under normal circumstances but right now it’s struggling to provide for the tens of thousands of people fleeing Israeli fire in Gaza right now. If you any ability to do so, please consider making a donation. If not, then please spread the word.

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